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Washington DC

Washington, DC, is the home of the ASPI’s North America Program.

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ASPI’s North America Program, known as ASPI DC, is based in Washington, DC. The office operates as an integral part of ASPI in Canberra. As such, the production model mirrors ASPI’s which has been successfully developed over twenty years, being built on empirically grounded original research, a capacity for policy innovation, and an ability to provide insights into real-world policy challenges. ASPI DC operates under the ASPI Charter and governance framework, adopting in-country compliance practices where applicable.


ASPI DC’s vision is to provide a unique and impactful perspective into defense and strategic policy thinking in the United States and Australia


ASPI DC will provide a point of presence for ASPI in the United States, in order to:

  1. Understand and provide input on US perspectives for Australian government decision-making processes on major strategic and defense
  2. Nourish public debate and understanding of Australian and regional perspectives in the United States
  3. Contribute to the development of professional strategic policy expertise in Australia through relationships with US-based thought leaders

Lines of Effort

The ASPI North America Program, led by Adam Leslie, pursues research along the following lines of effort:

  1. Australia-US Defense and Security Alliance
  2. Indo-Pacific Regional Security
  3. Defense Industrial Base, Trade, Technology, and Innovation