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Our Experts

Andrew Davies

Director—Defence & Strategy Program
Area of expertise: Defence capability, defence industry, submarines, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, ADF force structure, ANZUS alliance
Andrew is the Director of ASPI's Defence & Strategy Program. In 2014 he was appointed  by the Defence Minister to the Expert Panel advising on the development of the next Defence White Paper. He also teaches in Strategic Studies at the Australian National University.
Australian Strategic Policy Institute
Tom Hanson

Tom Hanson

US Pacific Command Nonresident Fellow
Area of expertise: Military history, Security Cooperation Activities
Colonel Thomas E. Hanson is the director of the theatre exercise program for US Army Pacific, headquartered at Fort Shafter, Hawaii. He was the US Pacific Command Visiting Fellow at ASPI in the summer and autumn of 2016, and remains a non-resident Fellow.
Australian Strategic Policy Institute