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ASPI Staff

Executive Director

Peter Jennings

Executive Director
Area of expertise: Strategic policy, crisis management, international security, international policy
Peter Jennings is the executive director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) a position he has held since May 2012.
Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Defence Strategy & Capability

Andrew Davies

Director—Defence & Strategy Program
Area of expertise: Defence capability, defence industry, submarines, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, ADF force structure, ANZUS alliance
Andrew is the Director of ASPI's Defence & Strategy Program. In 2014 he was appointed  by the Defence Minister to the Expert Panel advising on the development of the next Defence White Paper. He also teaches in Strategic Studies at the Australian National University.
Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Malcolm Davis

Senior Analyst
Area of expertise: Strategy and capability development, future warfare and military technology, Chinese military modernisation and Asian security
Dr. Malcolm Davis has joined ASPI as a Senior Analyst in Defence Strategy and Capability.
Australian Strategic Policy Institute


The Strategist

International Cyber Policy Centre

Fergus Hanson

Head of International Cyber Policy Centre
Area of expertise: Cyber security, strategy & policy, e-Diplomacy, Innovation & the Digital Economy
Fergus Hanson is the Head of ASPI's International Cyber Policy Centre.
Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Tom Uren

Visiting Fellow - Cybersecurity
Area of expertise: Cybersecurity, Internet Economy, Strategy
Tom Uren is a Visiting Fellow in ASPI’s International Cyber Policy Centre seconded from the Department of Defence.
Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Strategic Policing Program

Counter Terrorism Policy Centre

Jacinta Carroll

Head of Counter Terrorism Policy Centre
Area of expertise: National Security, International Security, Counter-terrorism, Border Security, Defence, Campaign planning & operations
Jacinta Carroll is the inaugural Head of ASPI’s Counter Terrorism Policy Centre, a position she has held since August 2015. 
Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Micah Batt

Visiting Fellow - Counter Terrorism Policy Centre
Area of expertise: Military operations and training, International Relations, Military history
Lieutenant Colonel Micah Batt is a visiting fellow from the Australian Army.
Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Risk & Resilience Program

Paul Barnes

Paul Barnes

Head of Risk and Resilience Program
Area of expertise: risk, resilience, disaster management, business continuity, organisational vulnerability, national-level risk assessment
Dr Paul Barnes joined ASPI as the Head of the Disaster Resilience Program in September 2015.
Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Border Security Program

John Coyne

John Coyne

Head of Border Security Program
Area of expertise: Border security, strategic intelligence, transnational and serious organised crime
John Coyne is the Head of ASPI's Border Security Program. He specialises in border security, strategic intelligence, transnational and serious organised crime.
Australian Strategic Policy Institute


Mike Norris

Head of ASPI Education
Area of expertise: Education, Training & Professional Development, National Security, Counter-terrorism, Protective Security, National Crisis Coordination
Mike Norris joined ASPI as the Head of ASPI Education in March 2017 after ten years in the Attorney-General’s Department as an Assistant Secretary covering various roles in National Security, Counter Terrorism and Protective Security.
Australian Strategic Policy Institute

ASPI Fellows

The Hon Kim Beazley, AC

The Hon Kim Beazley AC

Distinguished Fellow
Area of expertise: Strategic Policy, International Policy, International Security
Kim Beazley is ASPI's Distinguished Fellow. As former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and Australian Ambassador to the United States of America, Mr Beazley brings a wealth of experience to ASPI.
Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Stephen Loosley AM

Senior Fellow
Stephen Loosley was appointed to the ASPI Council in July 2001 and became Council Chair in April 2009. Now that his term as Chairman has concluded Mr Loosley will continue his association with ASPI as the Book Review Editor for The Strategist.
Australian Strategic Policy Institute
Stephen Merchant

Stephen Merchant

Visiting Fellow
Area of expertise: Defence Strategy, International Policy, Capability Development
Stephen Merchant joins ASPI after a long career with the Australian Government working in  defence and intelligence. Stephen will be working with the International Cyber Policy Centre and Counter Terrorism Policy Centre, with a focus on cyber security.
Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Roger Wilkins

Visiting Fellow
Area of expertise: Cyber Security, Protective Security, AML/CTF/sanctions, Organised crime
Roger joins ASPI as a Visiting Fellow with a long and distinguished career in Government and non-Government entities.
Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Vern White

International Fellow
Area of expertise: Police leadership, Operational policing, Administrative policing
Vernon White is a sitting Senator in the Senate of Canada and Visiting fellow at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. 
Australian Strategic Policy Institute



Janice Johnson

Janice Johnson

Publications Manager
Janice Johnson is ASPI's Publications Manager. She is responsible for researching to support our programs, providing access to information, and coordinating and overseeing the development and publication of our reports.
Australian Strategic Policy Institute


Renee Jones

Assistant Events and Media Manager
Renee provides support to the ASPI Events and Media Manager in the management of ASPI’s conferences, dialogues, workshops and dinners. Renee is responsible for the planning, execution and promotion of the ASPI public events calendar. Renee also assists with media requests and engagement. 
Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Stephanie Ling

Finance and Budget Manager
Stephanie Ling is ASPI's Finance and Budget Manager. Stephanie has responsibility for the company's finance and accounting functions as well as ASPI's statutory and management reporting, taxation, audit, budgets and payroll.
Australian Strategic Policy Institute